We are what we consistently do.

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running schedule
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This morning, I woke up and didn’t give myself much time to think.  I stumbled around, collected my running gear and made my way out the door.  I hit start on my Strava, but clumsily failed to activate the garmin.  I actually did 4.1KM;  I’m claiming those!

The sun was beating down, and the humidity felt high.  It was more than what I’ve been used to.  I’m definitely a cooler temp runner.

60 days until the Army Run in Ottawa.  If my math is correct this training program will only bring me into week 9 of the 12 week program.
I’m a bit nervous, yet on the other hand, I feel okay with coming short with the training.
I’d classify myself as a novice runner, due to my lack of consistency.  I’m in the process of changing that.  I feel like the beginning of the training program has me really creeping, I feel like I could do more.  Normally when I head out for a run, I warm up with a 5min walk, then jog until i’m tired, or to a certain point.  Walk for a few mins, then go again.

This training system feels like a bit of a snails pace, but I know it’s best that I crawl before I walk.  The whole goal is to just get myself out there consistently and without injury.

At the end, we are what we consistently do, right?  I do believe this.
I look at myself right now (recovery from surgery aside), I am a product of what I’ve been doing, or rather the lack of what I’ve been doing.  It’s time to refocus on myself, and reach that full potential.  I know I can.

|| Today’s feelings while running||

New Shoes–  They were nice, but they didn’t feel like home.  I can’t seem to find that feeling like my first pair gave me.   They were comfortable, but I just don’t feel bonded to them.  Maybe that will come in time.

Belt Water Bottle Holder –  I’ve dropped weight since last year.   Last year I had it fastened on my hardly anything.  This year, I can actually comfortably fasten the Velcro together.   What I’m not liking about this belt, is the bounce I get. Maybe I need to fasten it tighter to avoid this? I don’t know.  I was thinking about trying one of the handheld water bottles. I’m not sure if i’m a fan of having something in my hand while I run, but really, I won’t know until I give that a try.    Any suggestions from anyone out there?
I thought also about a water vest, but the idea of adding more clothing like something to my body doesn’t excite me.

All  in all, it was a nice time out.  It was a little awkward at times looking down at my watch to check the time for my run/walk intervals.   I’ll either figure something else out, or get used to it.





2 thoughts on “We are what we consistently do.”

  1. I’m not a fan of running with a bottle in my hand personally, but some people don’t mind it. It makes me feel imbalanced-I am a little OCD so i feel like i should have bottles in both hands. I think a lot of hydration belts vary. I specifically bought the one below because most reviewers said it stayed pretty snug and didn’t bounce around. I’ve had it for about a month now and so far so good!



    1. Thanks for your feedback Cat. I was wondering about the balance. I think I have OCD tendency too. Might need to double fist if I go that route. Haha

      Thanks for the link! 🙂

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