Random running thoughts

The temperature out there today was boiling. I say boiling, as I’m not used to being out in it.  When I started out it was  24c but 34c with the humidity.   My first 5 mins, I managed to convince myself that it really wasn’t that warm.  Once I picked up my pace and began my sets, that mindset quickly changed.

I struggled to stay on program.  It had me walking 1, jogging 2   x 6.
The program itself wasn’t hard, I found myself picking up my pace some – just knowing i had 2 less sets to complete compared to the previous time out.   I think I might have done 12 sets, in an attempt to get home faster and out of the heat.

I find sometimes when I’m out there my mind tends to wander.  I have random things that pop in, maybe it’s my way of getting through the run. Just sort of disassociate for a few minutes.

Random thoughts for today: 

I wonder what I can do to make a decent hummus – no oil, yet still creamy in texture.

Holy hell it’s hot out here!  The sweat keeps dripping into my eyes.
Oh that’s neat, the sweat is now collecting down in the lenses of my sunglasses.

The water bottles seem to be staying in place today. Maybe I tightened the belt enough?
I wonder what running with handheld bottles feels like.  Maybe not enough to speed 30-40$ on them to find out..  The water would kinda get warm, maybe? no worse than the sun hitting down on the bottles now.

I should really start walking faster.
I hate how this highway always steals seconds from my time while I try to cross it.

Why walk when running can get you somewhere faster?
I should probably just keep up the sets to get myself home faster and out of this heat.

I need to find a better way to time things out so I don’t have to keep looking down at my watch.

Hold your breath, hold your breath, hold your breath.  – avoiding the tiny bugs

I can’t decide if that’s the smell of the water, dead body/dead something or…

Oh look at those tiny flowers.  Are they flowers or are they weeds, what’s the difference?
I wonder if anyone else takes notice of them.

10km  –  right now you’re doing 4km.  Stop thinking about the weeks to come and where you need to get yourself.  Just be in the moment.  Be where you are at right now.

That pool sure is going to feel good!

“Train where you’re at. Not where you think you should be.  Not where you used to be.  You can’t hit a PR every day. Excellence derives from continuous, unrelenting fidelity to be the best you in the moment you find yourself.  I say this mainly as a reminder to myself”.  – Rich Roll




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