“light rain” they said…

Week 2 – Day 1
I decided to stay in bed today, until I felt somewhat rested.   I went to bed last night, rather early, but I didn’t end up falling asleep until much later.  At least I got there earlier, right? half the battle.

I finally got moving at around 1030-11am.  I checked the weather report, it showed “light rain”.  I really do enjoy running in the crappiest of weather. I’m not entirely sure why that is.  I just do.
When I opened the door, it was anything but “light rain”.  It was coming down pretty good.  It let up a touch while I was out there.  At around 3.5k mark, the rain dumped on me with a strong blowing wind.  Refreshing compared to the heat of previous days. I embraced the weather and kept moving forward.  My goal today was to get to the entrance of the campground, once I made it there, I just kept moving forward.  I wanted 7km today.
While taking on the parkway, I had to close one eye and run that way until I hit my next goal point. I turned around, changed up eyes, and began my way home.
The rain was something else. I questioned why I even came out with a rain coat in the first place. With my arms moving while I ran, the rain was finding its way up my sleeves.  I think I would have preferred being soaked vs feeling soggy.

Today’s training day was laid out like this:
5 min warm up walk
2 min walk
2 min jog

I know I did more than the required schedule.  I’m not entirely sure how much more I did.  Today was a little easier keeping track of time. With the walk and jogs being 2 mins. It was a nice even count.   Still wishing I had something to keep track of time vs looking down at my watch so often.  Once I get myself back to where I was pre surgery, I’ll be able to ditch the counting and go with how I feel.

I felt pleased with my timing today.  According to strava I completed 6.8KM in 55:01mins.
That’s almost 7KM in under an hour.  MUCH better than when I first starting walking post op. It took me nearly if not an hour to complete 1KM of walking.    Progress!
This here today gave me light and hope that I will be ready for my 10KM race in September.

“When it’s pouring rain and you’re bowling along through the wet, there’s a satisfaction in knowing that you’re out there and the others aren’t.”
– Peter Snell



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