When you know better, you do better.

Dietary needs, it’s a touchy subject.  Everyone thinks their way of doing something is the best.  Not one way of eating works for everyone.

I’m taking back control with  my eating.  I enjoyed the WFPB (Whole food plant based) way of eating since late December.
This last month I’ve kinda veered off the path.  I stopped reading labels to ensure no oils, stopped getting in my greens, and I’m not drinking nearly enough water. I’ve just kind of gone willy nilly with things.

If I want to succeed and do the best that I can with my training; the type of fuel I choose for my body needs to be paramount, without putting that first, everything else is going to suffer.

Before sitting down to write this entry, I went through the fridge and cupboards, disposed of all things that aren’t compliant on this WFPB lifestyle.

Food can be such an addiction, it’s not like you can just stop eating.  The body needs it to survive.  I need to start treating food as fuel, and not as an emotional response.   I need to end the temporary “feel goods” from eating fatty foods.  I need and will, starting in this very moment. One meal at a time.

My ultimate goal is to get down to 185lbs.
I go between 215 and 220lb lately.
It’s a classic case of, had I stayed the course, I have no doubt I’d be where my “ultimate goal” is.   Wasted time, that I can’t get back.  I can only do better from here on out.

“When you know better, you do better”.

I want to make sure I keep myself out of the pre diabetic range.  WFPB helped remove me from Pre diabetic to “at risk”.  I need and will remove myself from the “at risk” zone.

I know with consistent training and getting the proper fuel for me, I can and will achieve my goals.
I need to sit down and write out specific short term and long term goals.
I need a plan of attack, direction.  I know it won’t be a straight line to success, but it doesn’t hurt to have an end goal to work towards.

It’s getting on in the evening here, I’m going to call it a night. Turn off electronics, read some and plan for tomorrow.




2 thoughts on “When you know better, you do better.”

    1. Thanks Cat! So far so good. Got myself to bed early, read. Up early with Milo, went for our morning walk. He’s fed and watered. AND I had a good compliant breakfast :). Off to a good start.

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