There will be days like these

Yesterday I was looking forward to my run. Today when I woke up I was less than enthusiastic about it.  I walked Milo, fed him, went back to bed (he gets up at the crack of dawn) for a bit.    The second time I woke up, I wasn’t totally feeling it, but I was feeling it more than I was earlier.   I began to toss my running stuff on, Milo saw this as an opportunity to go out for another mini stroll.

Before heading out, I saw his right eye was leaking a bit, I gently wiped it away, that seemed to irritate the area. He started to paw/scratch at it.  We went outside, he was fine, I touched the area again and then his face contorted itself, as though he was about to sneeze, but then he started to rub at his eye again, he did this on and off while we walked back to the house.  When I got him inside, I had another look at it, clearly something was bothering it; just couldn’t tell what.  I sat there on the floor beside him, watching his third eyelid roll a bit.  Trying to figure out what to do with him – would pass; or make a vet appointment? It is the eye, so it came be messed around with.
I texted my friend who works at a vet clinic, she was able to take him in for 345pm today.

I sat with him for a bit, contemplating my run.  This would the perfect excuse to just bail.  I felt guilty tho.  Guilty leaving him, and guilty not going for a run.  Once he nodded off, I knew what I had to do.  I wasn’t going to do anything extra today. My goal was to get out and back as fast as I could.

It wasn’t the easiest run today. Normally my mind fills with random chatter while I’m out there.  Today, all I could think about was Milo and his vet appointment.  This might not seem like a bit deal to most, but the fact that he’s a greyhound, it’s hard to find any greyhound savvy vets.   Annually, we drive 6hrs west to see his vet.  Most minor things he has pop up from time to time can be dealt with at home.

I tried to find him home closer to home, and they wouldn’t even consider him – even for blood draws.  They said flat out to me, he’s a greyhound and they have special needs. We won’t touch him.  While I appreciate their honesty, I just sort of sucked. I wasn’t asking them to preform surgery on him, just a simple blood draw for his thyroid tests, Meh.

So yeah, getting back to the run.  There will be days like these, when things pop up.  Where you’ll feel less than motivated or preoccupied with other thoughts.  You just need to get out there. Continue to work towards that temporary end goal.

Today’s run:
5 min warm up walk
2 min run
2 min walk
the last run I ran for 4 mins solid.
Grand total of:  4K in 33:44   According to strava – No PR’s today.  My run was trending faster.

new arrivals
New Nathan bottle and armband arrived today. Looking forward to trying them out next run.

I think the fact that I got out there when I had the opportunity not to, was a PR in itself.



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