Another week in the bag

Week 2   Day 3
Warm up 5 Mins walk
2 min run, 2 min walk X 8
(did 10)

Another great morning out.  I did feel a bit preoccupied while I was out there this morning.  I feel like I started out slow and then got myself into it.  My garmin hasn’t been catching a signal as soon as I hit start. It seems to wait until I’m about 2 mins into my walking portion before it picks up.
There was a nice cool breeze, it took away from the heat of the sun.  I saw a beautiful looking monarch butterfly. I’m not sure if it was the real deal, or the impostor type. Either way, it was nice to watch it flutter.

Today, I used my new armband (phone holder) and my handheld water bottle.  I wasn’t sure how the armband would hold up. It felt more fabric than neoprene. Once the sweat picked up, I stopped worry about it slipping down a tad.    The handheld water bottle, I think because I have large hands, it worked for me.  I was expecting to feel weighed down and off balance by it; that wasn’t the case at all.  I felt comfortable out there.   I actually enjoyed the force in which the water shots into the mouth.   The small bursts were just enough to wet the mouth, but not enough to make me feel like I had too much to swallow while running.

An hour or so after my run, just to keep things loose, I went over to my friends place to swim around in the pool.  I can’t begin to explain how great it feels to be active again.

So that’s it for this weeks training.  Sunday we are set on the road at 5am for our hike.  I anticipate sleeping well afterwards.  Between not going back to bed (how I have been lately), and the activity from the day.

In regards to hiking, and trying to keep the pack as light as possible, I am in the process of making dehydrated red pepper sriracha hummus to take along.  It was suggested to me to pick up by a friend who is an avid hiker/backpacker.   When I called around, not one had it.  I figured why not try my hand at making it.   Pre-dehydration, it tasted really good!  Can’t wait to give it a try.   So much to learn and prep.  Super excited!




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