sometimes you just need a push

Week 3 Day 1
3 min run, 2 mins walk. X 6
Completed 6.7km
Once I was done my 6x, I walked the remainder with purpose home.

On Sunday, I went to the Adirondack’s to hike the first 2 mountains in my quest to become a high peak 46’er.  I think running on and off has helped in my conditioning.  I decided to use my poles when I was about halfway down; they were awkward at first, but I was thankful I had them.  The top of my shin bones were starting to hurt; the same sort of hurt I get the second day after running.  I’m thinking it’s the impact that gets me.
Maybe as time goes on and the fat sheds off, that will get better.

On to running.  Today I was laying in bed, when my sister called in and asked “aren’t you running today”.  I said yes, later. In all honesty, I had the urge to just let it get too late in the morning, to where the sun was too hot.  That would have given me the perfect excuse to stay home in the A/C.

A little while later, she told me she was going for a walk. I told her to wait up, I’d go with her.  I laced up, looked at my running schedule, and off we went.

I went a different route today.  I think this should be my training route. There were lots of mini hills along the path.  My thighs and calves muscles were on fire.

I need to find some of that magnesium rub for my legs.  I think my body would thank me for that.

I’m thinking about heading out Sunday again to do another hike.  Weather and body permitting.

Feeling pretty tired, thinking I’ll end this here.  Off to make dinner, early night I think.



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